Munich Tours FAQ

Munich walking tours - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Participating in a walking tour sometimes brings up some questions. Where is the meeting point? Will there be others with me? Maybe they speak another langauge. What if I want to take a rest – will the group be gone? How do I pay when I book online? All these questions are answered here. And no worries, Andy’s Munich Tours is ultra relaxed. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate and contact me. I’ll be happy to help you.

I (Andy) will be your guide in our private Munich walking tour. I love to share the stories, heritage and history of my hometown Munich with people from all over the world. I will not only show you things you usually see in a guided tour, but also let you see Munich through the eyes of a local.

You decide! Either pick a tour I created or let me surprise you with a tour based on your interests.

Unfortunately I can not offer the following:

  • Visits/Tours to any Munich Museums (e.g. Deutsches Museum, BMW-Museum, Pinakotheken/Picture Galleries, Residence/Royal Palace)
  • Visits/Tours to Neuschwanstein Castle (See also "Do you offer a tour or daytrip to Neuschwanstein Castle?")
  • Visits/Tours to Dachau concentration camp memorial (See also "Do you offer a tour to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial?")
  • Daytrips to Salzburg, Vienna, Black Forest, the Alps, Nuremberg, etc. (but I plan to offer these :-))

The key differences from regular tours are:

  • Exclusive and private tour (only for you and your fellow travellers)
  • No large groups (see also "What is the max. number of people?")
  • You decide when to take a break (if needed), stop for photographs, etc.
  • You can ask as many questions you want.
  • We walk at your pace!
  • Meet a real Munich local, not a guide who only learned facts and figures.
  • Appointments concerning your itinerary can be taken into consideration.
  • Have a look behind the scenes with an insider.

You will have an exclusive private tour through Munich. I believe that you can get the most out of your visit by not walking in a group so you can take your time to take photos, have a break and ask as many questions you want. Therefore the tour is just for you and your fellow travellers (partner, family members, colleagues, etc.), but should not exceed the maximum number of 6 people (of course a seventh and eighth traveller won't be kicked out, but keep in mind that the lower the number of people the more unique is the experience).

The duration of each tour is depending on the chosen tour, how fast we walk and how many breaks we take. Usually no tour lasts longer than 6 hours.
Please note that all timings of tours and services are approximate, as there are many variables to consider such as the walking pace of participants, duration of participant-demanded breaks, traffic density, public transport delays, etc..

Unfortunately this is not possible. You book an exclusive private tour through Munich four you and your fellow travellers (see "What is the maximum number of people?)

Unfortunately I am not allowed to offer tours to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial as tours may only be made by Memorial officials or specific guides certified by the Memorial.

My tours take place in Munich and maybe the greater Munich area. Therefore I unfortunately do not offer tours to Neuschwanstein Castle or other Royal Bavarian castles.

At the moment I do not offer multi-day-tours. Of course it is possible to request or book more than one tour during your stay in Munich.

Booking a tour is very easy.

You can send me a request through my online form. You can also contact me directly via Email or Phone/WhatsApp. Please be aware that (international) phone calls may cost you some money.

A request is not a booking yet. I have to check the availability of the date you specified in your request. After that I will send you a detailed offer based on your request which you may confirm. When I got you confirmation, I will send you more details about how to pay, where and when to meet and additional Information about Munich.

Please give me up to 24 hours to reply. Please also consider the different time zones.

At the moment there is no direct online booking option (not yet).

After you requested and confirmed booking a tour, I will send you the paying details via Email. It is possible to pay via PayPal (see also "Is it possible to pay via PayPal or credit card?").

After you confirmed my offer through Email, I will send you the payment details.

To avoid booking-trolls, I ask you for an advance payment (50%). The final payment consisting of the remaining balance must be transferred (PayPal) at least two days prior to the tour.


  • an unique private tour through Munich with a real local.

Not included:

  • tickets for public transport (can be arranged on request)
  • the price for getting from and to the meeting point (e.g. taxi, public transport)
  • the price for food & beverages you buy for yourself (e.g. a coffee to go)
  • breakfast, lunch or dinner

As Andy's Munich tours is a so called "small-scale business", the German tax regulations give me the opportunity to not charge the value added tax (VAT). You will always pay what you see. There are no hidden fees, charges, etc.. If you ask me for other services (e.g. public transport tickets) there will be an extra charge for that.

You can pay via PayPal ( I plan to integrate direct payment methods like PayPal-checkout, Credit Card or bank transfer shortly.

It is possible to use foreign currencies for the payment via PayPal.

No. At least not at the moment, because I believe the prices are affordable for every traveller who is interested in a private tour with a local. The only exception are kids under the age of 14. They can take part free of charge.

  • Any request for cancellation or change must be received by e-mail (
  • Of course you don't have to specify why you have to cancel.
  • It is possible to reschedule a tour (of course only reasonable reschedules)
  • Last minute cancellations (24 hrs. prior to the tour) are ok, but no refund is possible.
  • If you cancel more than 5 days in advance, I will give you a full refund less any banking fees.
  • if you cancel less than 5 days in advance until 24 hours before the confirmed tour date, I will give you a 50% refund less any banking fees.
  • If I have to cancel a tour (due to illness, or other unforeseeable events I am unable to provide your booked tour or service on the day and time specified, I will offer a similar or alternative tour or service exceeding the price you have already paid. If you can't accept the offered alternative tour or service, you will get a full refund.

I will wait for you 30 minutes. If you need some more time because you're stuck in traffic or similar, send me a message (email or WhatsApp). If you do not show up within 30 minutes after the fixed appointment and I do not get a message from you, I reserve the right to leave. No refund can be given.

Andy's Munich Tours assumes no liability or responsibility for any injury, loss, damage or inconvenience sustained by any person using its services, nor to their property. All persons participating in tours, excursions and other services do this at their own risk. All persons are liably for themself.

Participants who attempt to use the locations visited or historical information given to further any racist or extreme political belief will be banned from tours and services.

Participants who are obviously intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, violate safety directives or instructions given by the tour leader, continually disrupt the tour, or present a danger to themselves or others may be banned from tours and services at my discretion. In these cases I reserve the right to deny a refund.

All participants confirm that they are physically able to take part in a tour or excursion. Of course we will walk at your pace and take breaks when you want.

All participants confirm to be dressed appropriate for the specific weather conditions when participating on a tour or excursion. As the weather in Munich from November until March can be quite cold, I strongly recommend wearing winter clothes (boots, gloves, scarf, hat).

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