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Welcome to www.andysmunichtours.de! Here you will find lots of ressources to make the best out of your trip to Munich. But this website has more to offer than the usual lists of what and where to go/do/eat/see. you can also book a tailormade tour with a local. But there is even more to explore. For example true and honest reviews and tips about hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and more. You will also find essential information for tourists and FAQ’s. Go check out what www.andysmunichtours.de can do for you.

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Are you ready to explore Munich like a local? Visit the city with a true Munich citizen and check out all the must sees and tourist highlights through the eyes of a local.

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Read through my articles to get all the information you need about Munich. How to get from Munich airport to the city? How to use the public transport system in Munich? What is the best time to visit Munich? Are there no go areas in Munich? All these questions are answered.

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